Shamanic way of living -an inicialization

The inicialization took place today in the afternoon in Mohendžodáro tantra yoga 4-hours meditation.

5 I´x settled, after a preparing to being I´x, into thousand years old stone circle, in which the Mayan gods had prepared a place… A stone seat for her.

Nan Shumantla Fénix was watching all parts of my Tao from the shadows in her red, gods blessing, ritual robes, and some kind of long pilgrim stick.

When we were making a ritual with gods and with fire and make some special thing in place and time and out of place and time, she starts smiling.

Thank you, Gods, I appreciate being among us.

Thank you Shuni Giron, Nan Shumantla Fénix, my spiritual guide.

Thank you, Universum and all the beings.

I am 5 I´x and I am proud of it!

Let´s live as a half-human and a half-jaguar or any other animal or beings. My subtle body is after longstanding practice ready.

Let´s live as a shaman!