A prayer came through, a man from Texas from FB without a word „sex“ in first conversation

Hi, you look so gorgeous >>>

ST 13:07

Thank you, but I become a shaman jaguar, so what you see is not what is inside.


what it’s inside ?
I am from New Zealand, but I live in SugarLand, Texas. where are you from and where do you live ?
Thank you for a question, thanks Gods that you are…
A man, who doesn´t want sex or something like that because of my face or body, who is (maybe) nice and who (for now) respects my inner borders… Maybe for today, maybe for ever… Who knows… For today it was nice suprise.
Thank you…
I am not only face or body, I am a real sensitive woman! I have Gods inside me, my inner world, my Strenght, my Humbleness to all the Universum, all the World, Nature.
Just being. Nothing other inside than Being…
This is my picture after starting way of Mayan sacred energies. I did not eat for maybe a week, I lented. I have for my Voyage by foot for two days about two litres of water, some of it for Gods. I did not sleep, I worked with my spiritual world and other beings.
This is me, this is who is inside me, a hard working spiritual woman.
When I finished my Voyage and I drunk a glass of water, put my shoes on, clean my face from sacred ash and combed my hair.
děvičky 13-14.8.16 262.jpg
I lented for other months, I prayed and worked with my spirituality through Gods.
Just Being, just Woman… Just respect it!